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Easy correction of porosites and crack formations

During various work steps, and occasionally not until the final high-lustre polishing, it may happen that material defects such as porosities or cracks appear on the workpiece surface. Such flaws would have to be soldered over if it were not for the ramroller. On all ductile jewellery materials, for example also on the inner sides of small ring shanks, surface imperfections can be removed and made indiscernable with this rotating tool. Similarly, laser seams, such as they occur when two parts of jewelry are joined together, can be made completely invisible, even in the case of silver.

The smooth, rounded front end of the ramroller prevents from unintendedly contacting the material causing groove formation. A new addition to the series are the ramrollers with a smooth, flat front end for working up to the edges and into the angles even in areas which are difficult to reach.

The ramroller is available in two fineness grades (M and F) for more or less pronounced imperfections. For unique identification, all tools bear the our logo and the figure number.

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