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Dentistry & dental technology

Strong performance

Our burs and cutters made of finest-grain carbide convince you with their long service life, high concentricity and quality. The different cutter shapes combined with defined, precise and power cuts leave nothing to be desired. You will find a wide range of dentistry and dental technology products for almost every application, such as excavation and fissure drills, crown cutters and finishing burs, as well as cutters for laboratory work.

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Precise in every detail

Our products reflect our expectations of top quality. We aim for maximum precision and concentricity, achieved by close quality control throughout the manufacturing process.


KERA - the whites among the cutters

These lightweight high-performance ceramics weigh up to 60 % less than their carbide equivalents; not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also have a high fracture toughness and extreme hardness. They can be used in dentistry to process zirconium white blanks, plastic prostheses, bite trays and much more.


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COOL DIAMOND - a class of its own

They are distinguished above all by their superior grinding performance; the asymmetric intersecting channels also ensure optimum coolant flow.
There’s more than the biocompatible gold coating to distinguish these special diamond instruments from their “counterparts”.

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Premium diamond instruments

With our diamond instruments, you can ensure maximum precision, effectiveness and performance. Many years of experience of in-house production and high-quality materials have produced this outstanding quality standard.

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Professional tooth cleaning and polishing

.... are no problem with our brushes and polishers. From prophylaxis to the final polishing of dental restorations, we offer you an attractive range of brushes and polishers. Our products are optimally tailored to individual treatment goals, from extra-soft polishing brushes for prophylaxis in children to diamond-coated polishers for zirconium and ceramic.

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Ceramic abrasive tools

... are made of high grade corundum and silicon carbide. In addition, we offer special diamond-coated abrasive tools for processing zirconium and ceramic without water cooling.
You can select from a variety of shapes, grit sizes and bonding hardnesses.

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