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Small enough?

Our HighTech-Tool range has grown. We have complemented the known figures 1AU, 38AU, 414AU und 446AU of the AU series by the 1Z-AU tool in the ISO sizes 002, 003, 004.

The round cut design with front running blade allows axial penetration of the material. The short, cylindrical part of the tool behind the rounded front can be used additionally in radial direction. The clear view of the workpiece due to its slender neck proves to be a further advantage, especially for finest workmanship, such as are carried out with the smallest size (ISO size 002).

Its filigree working parts can be used, for example, to rework stone settings and to break off edges purposefully. The durable HighTech-Tools made of hot isostatically pressed finest-grain carbide material demonstrate their positive properties particularly when working on such hard jewellery materials as platinum, titanium, white gold and also jewellery steel. You will recognize these durable tools by their gold-coloured ring on the shank.

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