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Working on acrylics and plaster in dental laboratories can be a laborious and time-consuming task when using unsuitable instruments.  The quality of the materials may suffer, for instance due to overheating of acrylics.  This is effectively prevented with the diamond instruments in the DiaTWISTER range.

Specially arranged aperture slits characterize the working part of DiaTWISTER instruments.  These slits ensure excellent air circulation while grinding and prevent the material from overheating.  This reduction in the generation of heat also prevents the instrument from clogging.  The instruments' one-piece design guarantees precise concentric running and a long service life.

The DiaTWISTER range with the tried-and-tested cylindrically rounded shape has been enlarged to include a conically rounded shape; in this way, Busch can offer the most appropriate instrument for each users’ working technique.

The conically rounded DiaTWISTER instruments are also available in both mega-coarse and super-coarse diamond grit.

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