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Ceramic cutters for acrylics and green compacts of zirconium oxide

The new Generation of cutters made of white ceramic captivates through the typical and advantageous properties of this high-performance ceramic. The series comprises eight different ceramic cutters in the well-established cut designs“X” and “GQSR”. The five ceramic cutters with a medium double cut are made for the working out / shape milling of all common dental acrylics ranging from denture bases and individual trays through to Orthodontics. The three coarse GQSR-power-cut ceramic cutters are best suitable for working on soft and non-hardening acrylics, such as for example on deep-drawn mouth guard trays or non-hardening relinings. Smooth material surfaces and a pleasant thermal behaviour are the unique advantages of these cutters.

Both cuts can be used to work on green compacts of zirconium oxide, from separating to cleaning the attachment points through to the removal of green compacts from the blank. Ceramic cutters are not suitable for application on metals!

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