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Stone setting burs create the perfect fit

Creating a precise stone setting is easy with the new carbide stone setting bur. After pre-drilling, the bur creates the perfect fit for the pavilion of a faceted gemstone and ensures that it is held securely in place in flush and bezel settings, for example. To make sure that the right bur is always available for standard stone diameters, the stone setting bur 413AU is available in diameters from 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm, in one-tenth increments.

The carbide tool features a gold ring on the shank which identifies it as part of the established BUSCH HighTech-TOOLS series of finest-grain carbides.

As with the other HighTech-TOOLS, the 413AU particularly demonstrates its strength on hard materials, such as platinum, titanium, white gold and jeweler steel.

Like all HighTech-TOOLS, the carbide stone setting bur excels with its long service life and extremely high cutting capacity.

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