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1SXM Excavating bur

Preserving as much healthy tooth substance as possible when repairing minor carious defects is the most important objective in modern dental care.  This is only possible if the instruments used permit a gentle mode of operation without causing discomfort to the patient.  The 1SXM carbide bur from BUSCH is such an instrument.

Firstly, the bur has a special cutting geometry which allows the user to work in the cavity with low vibrations and without stressing the patient.  Secondly, its extremely slender neck permits a clearer view of the work area.

In this way, caries can be removed specifically and without damaging the tooth substance while minimizing the cavity opening and at the same time permitting a clear view of the excavation.  In addition to the clear view, the slim neck also improves the inflow of coolant and rapid outflow of chips.

New in addition to the standard RA-version is now the RA-long version in five ISO-sizes, that allows a clear view to reach deeper-lying areas.

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