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The tapered-tip Hybrid TWISTER, the all-rounder

Rhagades in particular often require the inner surfaces of the rhagade to be filed out. Conventional caps or large instruments can’t reach far enough in this case. The tapered-tip Hybrid TWISTER can! The tapered head allows you to work precisely in the depth of the rhagade. Without having to change instruments, you can work on the surface of the surrounding callus directly by using the parallel working part. This simplifies your work procedure, reduces the necessary instrument changes and thus the reprocessing work.

In addition to the treatment of rhagades, the tapered-tip Hybrid TWISTER is also well-suited for local cornifications, such as on the tips of the toes or the treatment of corns.

Like all other instruments for medical applications, Hybrid TWISTER instruments are also medical products. They can be fully disinfected and sterilised and have the Class II CE mark. For your's and your patients' safety.

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