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Particularly durable in the processing of challenging materials

A popular rotating instrument for goldsmiths is the steel bur figure 194 – also known as the “Krause Flame”. With its delicate and pointed flame shape and intricate working part diameters of 1.0 and 1.2 mm, it is ideal for various types of finest goldsmith’s work.

The new carbide version of the Krause Flame with the figure designation 194AU is now available in the familiar working part diameters. In addition to the designation “AU” in the figure name, the existing gold shank ring also indicates that it belongs to the special HighTech-TOOL series.
Especially demanding materials such as white gold, platinum, titanium, and jewellery steel can be processed flawlessly. The carbide properties of the HighTech-TOOLS allow a significant longer service life of these tools.

In addition, the cutting design of the new Figure 194AU has been optimised so that it delivers superior work results, especially with regard to the penetration and removal behaviour on the aforementioned materials.

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