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Left-handed carbide cutters for the dental laboratory

Left-handed carbide cutters for the dental laboratory. The tried-and-tested cutters X and FX (medium X cut / fine X cut) are not new. New are the L type cutters with these cuts. To make sure the easily manageable and convenient carbide cutters are available to left-handers as well as to right-handers, the series now includes 6 left-handed cutters in two figures, two ISO sizes in the cuts X and FX.

With these cutters the user can work with the left hand in anti-clockwise rotation towards the body. The procedure is thus ergonomic, providing an improved working condition adapted to the user. One additional advantage is the optimised chip removal, since standard extraction units at the laboratory workplace are positioned in such a way that only a work method directed towards the body allows the optimal extraction of grinding dust. Plasters, acrylics and metals can be worked on using the medium X cut. The fine X cut can be used for performing adjustments and fine finishing on these materials. For unique identification, the carbide cutters bear the our logo and the figure number, in this case an “L” at the end for left-hander. The cutters with the fine X-cut have a red ring on the shank.

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