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1SXM - gently piercing artificial acrylics or gel nail

With its precise blades with cross-cut, the 1SXM cutter of finest grain carbide easily pierces the protruding tip of artificial acrylic or gel nails. The instruments slender neck ensures a clear view of the working area, thus creating a sound basis for attaching piercings of every kind for individual nail designs. The instruments are easy to handle, can be reliably guided and run without rumbling. Little pressure is needed to pierce the nail safely even at low Speed. This eliminates the unpleasant "slip" commonly experienced when the nail is pierced by a manual drill.

Indentations for affixing gems, inlaid motifs and stickers, etc. can also be produced without difficulty. Six different sizes from 010-023 are available for these tasks.

The carbide cutters are easily identified by the green ring on their shank and the slender gold-plated neck. Like all other instruments for use in manicure / pedicure, the 1SXM is a medical product featuring the CE mark.

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