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T-SPEED cutters

We added the model version T-SPEED PLUS with coarser cut on to its familiar carbide T-SPEED series with revolutionary cut, smooth innovative working part tip and gold-coloured titanium nitride coating.

These cutters are ideal not only for podiatric treatment of mycotic or gryphotic natural nails, but also for filing artificial nail material in nail studios. Their special cut and smooth working part tip make them quick and safe.

Softer gel materials and soft mycotic nail substance can be carefully filed with the medium cut T-SPEED, while harder acrylic material or gryphotically thickened nails are more readily treated with the T-SPEED PLUS – the cutter with a certain PLUS on cutting performance.

Like all carbide cutters for use in podiatry, the T-SPEED instruments are medical products and feature the CE mark on their packaging. For your safety and that of your patients.

The instruments can be disinfected, cleaned and sterilized by all standard methods, taking into account the respective manufacturers' instructions.

Further information is available on request.

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