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ONY CLEAN - Gentle treatment of the nail fold

ONY CLEAN is the name given to BUSCH instruments permitting exceedingly gentle and effective removal of deposits from the nail fold, as well as cuticle from the nail wall.

The polygonal working part of the ONY CLEAN 407RS guarantees a safe and gentle treatment without injury, for it – unlike all other rotary instruments – does not have any sharp cutting edges.  Such gentle treatment is a particular advantage especially for diabetic patients.  Cutters and especially diamond instruments would leave an undesirable rough surface on the nail when used for this application.

Another variation is the figure 406L-RS also with a polygonal working part for dimensional working and is twice as long as in the standard version.

These special instruments with passive safety, offer authorized professional users the best possible conditions for gentle treatment on high-risk patients, such as diabetic patients.

Like all other BUSCH instruments for medical use, the ONY CLEAN 407 RS and 406L-RS are medical products and therefore bear the CE mark. For your safety and that of your patients.

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