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Professional-grade tools made of carbide

Within our comprehensive range of carbide tools, the HighTech TOOLS made of hot isostatically pressed finest-grain carbide are especially worth a look. These are the true professionals when it comes to machining hard-to-process materials such as platinum, titanium and white gold.
Durable and powerful, they are the ideal support for finishing work. Great handling, precise drilling, excellent cutting performance and long service life.

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Steel tools

Our hardened special steel instruments are made from a single piece. They are characterized by a stable design, a precise power cut, and optimum concentricity.
Our wide range of classic shapes and innovative solutions is appreciated worldwide.

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Diamonds forever

Diamond instruments are the tool of choice when working with hard, non-viscous materials such as ceramic, glass, precious metals, porcelain, semi-precious stones and enamel.
In a modern galvanic process, the working part is coated with high-quality diamond grit.

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For a perfect result

... our range includes polishers and brushes for rough removal, pre-polishing and final high-lustre polishing.
We offer specially tailored polishing systems for different materials.

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Smoothing and Polishing

Our polishers bring a shine to natural and artificial nails. You will find a wide selection in our extensive product range, from classic silicone polishers to impregnated polishing buffers.

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