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Hybrid TWISTER tapered-tip

The multifunctional, ideal for rhagades

The tapered head allows you to work precisely in the depth of the rhagade. Without having to change instruments, you can work on the surface of the surrounding callus directly by using the parallel working part

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For callos removal

Two special, patented advantages characterise the Hybrid TWISTERs. On the one hand, there is the proven design with the slit-shaped openings, on the other, the superior advanced hybrid grit  –  a combination of the materials diamond and ceramic.

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Hybrid Cap, the modern alternative solution to customary grinding caps

If you want to remove callus more effectively and economically, and at the same time sustainably, you should definitely consider the new HybridCap

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KERA Ceramic cutters

New high-performance ceramic material for rotary instruments

Modern, innovative, aesthetic and efficient: these are the main attributes of the new range of KERA cutters of high-performance ceramic material. They are a genuine alternative to carbide cutters. The high-tech material stands out through its excellent fracture toughness and hardness.

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The diamond instrument range without a diamond coated front end of the working part for safety treatments. Due to the smooth, uncoated diamond frond end an abrasive finishing on callus or nail plates can be made without unintentional contacts

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TOP Grip

More safety when shortening nails

To prevent the surrounding tissue from being touched or injured while working, the front of the Top Grip is provided with a diamond coating.

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KR Version

Gentle treatment of damaged nails

Version KR belongs to our series of instruments with passive safety. The upper edge of the working part is rounded on all instruments of version KR.

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T-SPEED cutter

These cutters are ideal not only for podiatric treatment of mycotic or gryphotic natural nails, but also for filing artificial nail material in nail studios. Their special cut and smooth working part tip make them quick and safe.

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Left-handed carbide cutters

For ergonomic working

These cutters enable the user to work with the left hand in anti-clockwise rotation towards the body.

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Gentle treatment of the nail fold

The polygonal working part of the ONY CLEAN 407RS guarantees a safe and gentle treatment without injury, for it – unlike all other rotary instruments – does not have any sharp cutting edges.

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STERI-SAFEpro bur bloc

Users will be enthusiastic about the hygiene-oriented overall concept and the particularly stable, robust design with safe rounded edge.

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